The cybersecurity headlines delivered in a regular podcast bash.

5 August 2020

3 new data breaches reports from Blacklist alliance, KreditPlus and TrueFire. Microsoft has record bug bounty payouts and we look into reports from Cloudflare and Accurics.

27 July 2020

A security flaw in Chinese drone manufacturers mobile application could lead to malicious applications being force installed. Mandatory Chinese tax software included spyware potentially stealing sensitive information. Digital bank Dave admits a data breach and an Australian watchdog takes on Google.

24th July 2020

Twilio suffers major security incident, Microsoft office becomes most targeted platform for attacks, Garmin is knocked out by ransomware attack, news from North Korea and the latest on the Twitter hack.

21st July 2020

More details emerge from the twitter hack. Cyber Crime continues to rise alongside Covid-19 cases. The US has charged two Chinese nationals with stealing Covid-19 research and Adobe has been left red-faced after 13 critical flaws are urgently patched one week after the last release.